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Key types of cheap research papers for sale

In fact, there’re two major types of research papers. These are analytical papers and argumentative ones.

An argumentative essay: This type of research paper mainly focuses on persuading your audience of your exclusive point of view. It’s up to you to present attractive arguments to back up your opinion. Look for some reliable evidence or anything else, which could make your arguments persuasive enough. The topic you pick up is very crucial. You’d better stick to a debatable and controversial once.

An analytical essay: it traditionally starts with a research question. Via detailed research, this question needs to lead you to some new ideas, closely connected with a scientific report or a familiar literary piece. The given question is going to be presented in the thesis statement, while you’ll be backing up your evidence in the rest of the paper. There’s no need to convince your readers that your exclusive point of view is the only true one. On the contrary, your task is to introduce another possible interpretation and join the rest of the folks presenting their points of view on the discussed matter. In fact, the preparation process of this type of research paper also suggests conducting a sort of research. You require utilizing both secondary and primary sources of information to back up your conclusions and thoughts. Your research paper should provide relevant logical information presented in the appropriate form.